As a responsible family run business, this is our vision:




– You are the reason we are here & you will be treated with dignity, fairness & respect;

– We will explain & educate you through every step of the buying & selling process;

– Our promise is to provide excellent, professional & personable service to you;



– We continuously monitor every step of our business process with the goal of leaving as light a footprint on our planet as possible;

– We recycle the metals, gemstones and other materials to minimize waste, and     maximize its usefulness.

– We are different from other companies because wherever it is practical & possible, we utilize our unique artistic jewelry creating skills by recycling and re-purposing as much of the jewelry we acquire as we can.

– We also provide funding and raw materials to our Research, Innovation, Development, New Product and Technology Departments by utilizing the precious metals (particularly silver, which has many industrial and high technology uses besides coins, bullion and jewelry) into higher and greater uses for the benefit of our planet, our lifestyles and our societies.

Through our creative and imaginative daughter Kayla, we have created the KayLaLa brand of beautiful jewelry, made partly or entirely with re-purposed and recycled jewelry into newly created beautiful creations. Whether your jewelry is broken, scratched, missing stones or otherwise unwanted, we will do our very best to use some or all of the parts to create something beautiful.


We give back a portion of our net earnings to worthwhile charities, both existing charities and those whom we have personally missioned to and personally helped. As of the date of this writing, our favored charities and worthy missions we are giving to are:

World Vision, which sponsors desperately poor children financially with food, education and other basic needs.

Tarahumara Native Indians of the remote Copper Canyon area of Mexico, through our charitable Trail Running event, which helps bring food and other essentials along with education and tools to assist them to become more self sufficient for themselves and their communities.