Why do Dental Professionals and Patients Choose BC Dental Gold Buyer to handle their Dental Scrap Needs?

Here’s Why:

BC Dental Gold is your Local, Trusted, Reliable expert for all your dental gold. Fast, personal service. Our specialty is recycling and repurposing precious and semi precious metals with the least impact on the environment.


DENTAL OFFICES: We help you and your dental practice with Tangible, efficient solutions so you can concentrate on your patients. If you are a dentist office that has unwanted crowns or dental scrap, we can easily handle anything from small to large quantities.

Dental patients often don’t know what to do with their old dental crowns. They are embarrassed to ask and don’t know who to trust. We can help. Don’t worry about separating the crown from the tooth. We at BC Dental Gold will promptly do the dirty work and send you payment.


We will serve them promptly and professionally.

Don’t let your dental scrap end up in the trash! Your staff just contact us, we’ll come pick it up, and and you get paid for it. No amount is too small or too big.

We buy everything


Gold or  Silver dental crowns, bridges, fillings, PFM’s or PFG’s with or without bone or porcelain. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our settlement or we’ll return your material to you without any hassle whatsoever.

With BC Dental Gold there are no hidden broker charges or assay fees. We offer our customers unsurpassed settlements for gold, silver, platinum or palladium bearing material.

You get paid an amount of money for your Dental Scrap that’s in line with what the material is actually worth. Because of our state-of-the-art refining technology, we can guarantee you’ll get the highest return for your scrap.

No need to send your dental material away and wait days and sometimes weeks to get paid, either request a free “secure mail”  kit and securely send your dental material to us or we’ll come and pick it up in person and you will be promptly paid.

You can also choose your method of being paid – either wired to your account, corporate cheque, cash, credit card, whatever works best for You.

Proudly serving Dental Professionals in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, British Columbia

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