Local BC Gold precious metal jewelry buyer - question markAs a service to our clientele, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Q: What Items Do You Accept?

Our specialty is precious metals and jewelry- antique, vintage, estate, unused jewelry, modern, fine jewelry: gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, gemstones. We accept other items as well, so please keep reading and just contact us and let us know what you have! Click here for an evaluation of your items.

Q: Why Should I Sell to You?

-We will pay you top dollars for gold and all your jewelry and precious metal items.

-We can typically meet with you the same day you contact us and often the Same Hour.

-We are open 7 days a week and most holidays for your benefit and service.

-We will arrange a private consultation, and can usually meet in a location near you for your convenience. If you are disabled or are otherwise unable to travel easily please let us know and we will make all accommodations to ensure your comfort and your needs are met.

– We are local, and are 100% Canadian owned and operated. We have low overhead, thus we pass along the extra savings to you, our customers.

– We put you, our customer, first. We take pride in our professionalism, transparency and customer service. The evaluation and purchasing and sales process is fully transparent, educational and open.

– We are a fair and honest family-oriented business. We are here for the long term, we are teaching our children and staff honest and ethical business practices and good reliable service, as well as social sustainability and responsibility. We strive to cultivate long term relationships, so our satisfaction goal is we hope you will refer our services to friends and family and you will keep coming back!

Q: How Much Money Will I Get?

Gold is valued by its purity and its weight. Pure gold is known as 24k gold, but most jewelry is made from either 18k gold, 14k gold, 22k gold or 10k gold. Silver jewelry is usually made from 92.5% silver, known as “Sterling” silver. Please click here for a more detailed audio explanation.

You are paid the most current, highest, up to date price for your items. Our rates are directly connected to the current market price of gold and silver, which continuously changes on a global basis virtually every minute, every hour of each day. To know the current price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium please refer to the live chart on the left side of our site, which is refreshed regularly every few minutes.


We have a Guarantee that we believe is unique to our industry, and favorable to our customers, and is as follows::

“We will give you a quote that we will Honor for the entire calendar day even if the value of the precious metal Drops or Falls. And we will INCREASE the price upwards during the same calendar trading day if the underlying metal Rises or Increases.”

Q: How Do I Sell My Gold and Silver and Other Items?

You can sell gold, diamonds, silver etc. in several ways:

Contact us to set up a private confidential meeting.


– By Mail (Insured and Safe)
– Pick Up


– In person for instant response and immediate cash offer by calling us first.
– By Text Message or Phone: 604-358-4653
By Email

Q: What Types of Gold and Silver Do You Buy?

We buy just about everything! Gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, palladium, antique, vintage, collectible, fine jewelry, bullion, the list goes on and on..Just contact us and let us know what you have. We’ll make you an immediate cash offer, or if for some reason it doesn’t meet our criteria we usually know who will.

Here is a comprehensive list of the items we buy:

– Old and New Gold Jewelry, Old and New Gold.

– Gold and Silver Watches, Old Watches, European Watches.

– Gold Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Chains, Earrings, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Broaches, Lockets, Heirlooms.

– Old Sterling Silver Jewelry, Old Silver.

– Diamonds, Gemstones and Fine Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry.

– Gold Platinum, Palladium and Silver Coins.

– East Indian, Asian gold, Broken Gold, Scrap Gold and Silver,

– Silver Rings. bracelets, necklaces, earrings,

– Dental Gold, Gold Nuggets, Placer Gold, Wedding Gold.

– Gold and Silver Bars. Silver, Gold, Palladium and Platinum Bullion.

– Gold and Silver Pieces, Platinum Jewelry, Rhodium Jewelry.

– Industrial Silver, Scrap Silver, Jewelers Silver and Gold Raw Material.

– Platinum and Palladium for Automobile Catalytic Converters.

– Silver from Computers and other Equipment.

– Silver Used in Technological uses and Applications, High Technology uses, Electrical, Conductive and other Industrial and Technological Applications.

– Gold and Silver Military Medals and Most Things Military Related Items.

– Solar Silver, Medical and Water Purification Silver.

– Silver and Gold Printing Inks and Materials.

– Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstone and Costume Jewelry.

– Sterling Silver Flatware, Tea and Coffee Services and Silverware.

– Loose Diamonds, Gemstones, All Industrial Silver.

– Gold, Palladium and Platinum, Antiques, Estate Jewelry and Items of All Kind.

– Vintage, Antique, Estates, Collectibles and More!

We also buy some non precious metal collectibles, antiques, china and other items as well, so give us a call and let us know what you have.

Q: What About My Diamonds, How Much Are They Worth?

This is a very important question when you are considering selling a diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry. The value of diamonds are based upon a more involved set of criteria, and our GIA trained gemologists utilize what are called “The 4 C’s” when evaluating a diamond’s value. They are:

CARAT: How much does the diamond weigh? A basic rule of thumb is a 1 Carat diamond weighs .2 grams. The heavier and larger diamonds are more valuable than smaller diamonds (under .25 carat) known as “melee” diamonds. Diamonds .25 carat and above have great value and the amount we pay you increases substantially and exponentially as the diamond gets larger and rank higher on the 4 C’s, with diamonds that are above 2 carat are worth substantial sums of money.

COLOR: Does the diamond have a yellow, blue or other color shade? Has it been treated to look different? This will impact the desirability and value of the diamond,

CLARITY: This relates to the number of flaws, or inclusions, when looking at a diamond with a magnification device such as a jeweler’s loupe. Diamonds are not perfectly clear, they will have different flaws, and diamonds with the fewest flaws are the most rare and desirable, thus more valuable, than diamonds with more flaws or inclusions.

CUT: Diamonds are cut into different shapes, with the round or Brilliant Cut being the most common. These diamonds are cut by a diamond cutter specialist with “facets” with help reflect light, so how well a diamond reflect light affects the value.

Once these four factors are known, we can determine how much your diamond is worth.
Please click here to learn more about diamonds and contact us for an evaluation.

We also have a large selection of diamond jewelry and loose diamonds available at very attractive prices. Here are some examples of our current inventory but it is always changing, therefore we suggest you please contact us for more information.

Q: How Much Are My Items Worth? I’m Busy, Unavailable or Live Out of Town?

Call us and give us as much information on the items you to get cash for. Emailed or text messaged pictures are helpful, especially if there are any markings or stamps. We will give you an estimate, before you decide to mail your gold or silver to us. We can arrange safe and secure pickup of your items along with insured courier delivery and evaluation if you wish.

Q: Who Tests My Gold and What Equipment Is Used?

Every item is tested by one of out professionally trained and experienced staff, with both the industry standard and the latest state of the art testing and analysis equipment.

Q: When Will I Get My Money?

We will pay you immediately in either cash, check or wire transfer, which ever is best for you, our customer. We can also use PayPal, Bitcoin, bank drafts, money orders, regular and express mail.

Q: What Happens If I Don’t Accept Your Offer?

If you don’t accept our offer, your items will be given back, or shipped back to you immediately.

Q: What If I Don’t Feel Comfortable Shipping My Items?

Then contact us to discuss this. If possible and depending on the quantity or the situation, we can find a solution. We wish to reassure you that we use certified and insured couriers. We can pick your items up as well, just ask us to pick it up instead of you mailing it in. Jewelers, bullion dealers, mints, dentists, refineries, and others in the industry ship their gold across this continent every single day using regular insured shipping carriers. It is a routine business practice, and is quite common and safe.

Q: What Don’t You Buy?

We do not buy gold or silver plated items, but we may be able to refer you to one of our many business contacts we have cultivated over the years, so please show us what you have. Gold items stamped with the following are some examples of items we do not buy: “GP”, “KP”, “HGE”, “RGP”, “GE”, or “GF”.

Q: What About the Appraisal or Certificate I Have With My Item?

Please bring it with you or send it to us. A certificate with an organization such as GIA or EGL relates to the diamonds, usually contained in a piece of jewelry. This is different from an appraisal. An appraisal is the opinion of an individual appraiser or the jeweler that sold it to the owner, or that the owner pays for, pertaining as to the quality of an item and his/her opinion as to the monetary cost of replacing the item. An appraisal is useful only as a tool for the insurance industry when a customer needs something replaced due to loss or theft. Appraisals are typically far above the actual retail cost of an item. An easy way to ascertain this or to deepen your understanding of this is by asking the appraiser or a jeweler if they would pay the amount on the appraisal for the item. The answer is invariably that they would not pay you the appraised price. In the case of jewelry, there is a specific value to the precious metals and diamonds or gemstones content, and an intrinsic value at times, and we have become very competent in valuing such items accurately and immediately paying you the highest value for it. In contrast, a certificate is issued by an independent laboratory such as Internationally respected GIA (Gemological Institute of America) where we received our training, or EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) in which standardized testing criteria and examination by one or more staff members to evaluate the stone for its specific quality is done. A certificate contains no price estimates; it is simply the assessment of the lab as to the exact quality of the diamond you are selling. These can be helpful to us in terms of valuing your items accurately and paying you the most fair price.