Gold, silver, precious metals and commodities in general actively trade continuously in global markets from Vancouver to New York to London to Tokyo. Therefore their price changes every minute of virtually every day with few exceptions.


bc gold precious metal jewelry buyerPlease call, text or email us for a quote, you will happily discover that we pay the most competitive prices. If you are out of town or busy, don’t worry, you can email or text us a picture and details of your times so we can quote over the phone.

There are instances that we’ll pay you a premium for nicer jewelry items that have intrinsic value. Ask us for more details.

We encourage you to become aware of prevailing prices and call us. You will be pleasantly surprised. Our goal is to cultivate long term relationships, so that you keep coming back. A large part of our business is from referrals and our main goal is to serve you so that you will feel comfortable recommending us to your family and friends, knowing that you are in good hands.  Make an appointment with us today and we will be happy to quote you the best and current price.

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